KEY: ff = flash fiction;  ss = short story;  an = anthology;

A Betrayal and Other Stories [an] Rogue Star Press May 2018  

Rhonda's Story [ss] Crimson Streets October 2017  

The Night the Aliens Came [ff] AntipodianSF June 2017 audio version, AntiSF Radio show, August 2017

Puff [ss] Perihelion February 2017  

Mercury [ff] The Story Shack November 2016  

Prologue to an Imaginary Book [ss] Cafe Irreal August 2016  

Worms of Titan [ss] Perihelion Science Fiction June 2016  

Marooned in the Tarantula Nebula [ff] The Story Shack February 2016  

The Miners of Lightning Spruce [ss] Frontier Tales January 2016  

Inversion [ff] The Story Shack August 2015  

Barnegat Inn [ss] Perihelion Science Fiction January 2015  

2038: A Mars Odyssey [ss] Perihelion Science Fiction September 2014  

The Expansion of Space [ss] Perihelion Science Fiction December 2013  

The Meaning of Jealousy [ss] Skive November 2013  

It's Not What You Think It Is (A Meditation on Time) [ss] Cafe Irreal August 2013  

A Journey Through the Wormhole [ss] Perihelion Science Fiction June 2013  

A Matter of Principle [ss] Bewildering Stories July 2012  

Love in a High-Tech Age [ss] Aoife's Kiss June 2012  

Julie's Murderer


Bewildering Stories July 2011  

Skipping Stones


Daily Love June 2011  

This Old Man


Skive June 2011  

The Last Photon


Cafe Irreal February 2011 selected Web Short Story of the Day by Fictiondaily on March 8, 2011



Skive November 2010  

Mario Bakar


Yesteryear Fiction May 2010  

Alpha Centauri


Weirdyear May 2010  



Weirdyear March 2010 reprinted, AntipodeanSF, February 2018

In the Garden


Cafe Irreal February 2010  

The Astronomer


Iconoclast May 2009  

Secrets of Life


Skive September 2008  

A Love Story


Skive March 2008  

The Looking Glass


Dream Fantasy International January 2008  

The House in the Forest


Skive December 2007  

Three Degrees Above Absolute Zero


Dreams and Nightmares May 2007  



Anotherealm August 2006  

Hoag's Object


Dreams and Nightmares January 2006 reprinted in Cafe Irreal, May 2017

The Moons of Jupiter


Zahir December 2005  



Anotherealm July 2005 reprinted in Tien Ve, 2013

The Room at the End of the World


Cafe Irreal May 2005 reprinted in Tien Ve, 2013; audio version on Short Reads for the Long Road podcast, August 2014



Anotherealm February 2005  

Death in the Afternoon


Nocturnal Lyric September 2004  

The Town That Went to Sleep


Word Riot June 2004  

A Soldier's Lament


Dream Fantasy International July 2002  

The Crystal


Penny Dreadful July 2000  

Apologia du Amore


Dream Fantasy International March 2000  

A Betrayal


Penny Dreadful September 1999 Pushcart Prize nomination 2000; reprinted in Cafe Irreal February 2000 and The Irreal Reader anthology November 2013
The Vulture


Mind in Motion January 1997 reprinted in Tien Ve, 2013


Lost Worlds July 1994  

A Sea Voyage


Dreams and Nightmares July 1993  

The Museum of North African Treasures


Lost Worlds April 1993  



Iconoclast January 1993  

On the Nature of Love


Iconoclast January 1993  

Solitary Confinement


Midnight Zoo January 1992  

The Bridge

[ff] Penny Dreadful December 1991 reprinted in Cafe Irreal, May 2006, and in Tien Ve, 2013